Mubarak Is Dead


You have to love the irony... One of the justifications for taking out Saddam Hussein was the idea that freedom would take hold in the region and people in other countries of the middle east would stand up to tyranny and demand democracy. Now that something like that is actually happening, the very same people who made this justification are now pissing their pants in fear.

I fear for the future of Egypt. Before people say "power to the people", we should watch these events with caution; Egypt could go down the path of Iran and Algeria. Both countries started with a peoples revolution and both ended up with Islamic fundamentalists taking power. Except with Algeria the army staged a coup to take back power form the Islamists. I look at those 2 countries and see the future of Egypt. Watch and wait, the Muslim Brotherhood will soon show their hand.

By right, Egyptian is standing up for themselves. They want the same thing everyone wants. The right to be heard and respected by their governments and any person that feels what they are doing is right should press their own government to send aid immediately. There are a lot of hungry people in Egypt right now and it will only get worse as their country is in this stand off. Mubarak has access to food. His people don't. He will wait them out. The violence grows daily.

In countries with absolutely no experience of democracy, they will not flip from autocracy to democracy overnight. I can take decades or even hundreds of years. I don't believe there will be any more than the single democracy(which is already there) in the Middle East any time soon